New  Year wishes to all our relations in these days of growing light and love.  Seed catalogs are opening and yet we’re still putting our own collections together from herbs and veggies frigidly hanging out in the garage.  Winter Wrens, Thrushes, and Chickadees are easy to view under the plants these days, with the frost on the maples looking like holiday lights in the early morning sunrise. 

Even during these frigid days, the landscape plants gently exude a beauty and elegance that is worth harmonizing with.  Rhody and Azalea buds glow, Evergreens look regal in the contrast to the cold, and the winter roses are out.  Our huge Witch Hazel is slowly preparing for her show and the Alder catkins are in full routine.  Year round splendor is Mother Earths gift to us if we know how to look, breath, and harmonize with.

If we can help you with this, let us know. 

Daniel & Sierra