November light, or should we say darkness, begins to create a slower rhythm on the farm.    We ‘re still shucking beans and collecting leaves for garden mulch,  and nursery digging begins to peak.   Because of the forest farm design, we receive lots of great seedlings to pot up and grow.  Plants like daylillies, hostas, iris, ajuga, and cedums are divided and potted.  All our trees are root pruned and the potted plants are checked, staked, pruned, and touched.  Early morning harvests for the kids are still happening, just with more layers on.  Our gardens still give carrots, leeks, cabbages, radishes, radicchio, collards, spinach, and of course kale.  Moma cooks more from the root cellar now, always checking for food that wont last long and planning out her healing meals.  Herbal teas, like lemon balm, raspberry leaves, nettles, and red clover coat our throats and warm our bellies.  We’re very thankful for the bounty our food forest farm provides.  

Daniel & Sierra