New  Year wishes to all our relations in these days of growing light and love.  Seed catalogs are checked, seed swaps are soon, and the phone is ringing for folks ready to create landscape designs.  We’re  gathering Atlantic Northeast, aka the ANE,  inspiration, design ideas, and wisdom as we daily research, study, and enjoy the similarities to our previous climate.

Snow blankets the ground, popping trees in the morn, we watch the stars at night and travel by day through the countryside looking for our new farm in Vermont.  Worcester, VT is our new home, forever thankful for the warmth of shelter, clean water, and food brought from our old homestead.  New plant material to look at than in the PNW, yet still much inspiration, beauty and abundance in this colder climate to appreciate.

Thank you to this welcoming community.

Sierra & Daniel, Maia & Kellon

802-223-3992    &   MENCUCCIFARM@GMAIL.COM