In over twenty years of designing and building landscapes, Sierra and I have encountered many different projects, settings, and micro climates.  We have created sustainable, beautiful outdoor spaces that heal and inspire clients health and family, Mother Earth, and the community.

We have created a space like this called a food forest on our own small farm on the river and enjoy sharing our wisdom and stories of Pacific Northwest food growing, weaved within a variety of beautiful landscape species. Birds, bees, many four legged, and all sorts of beneficial insects share our gardens, veggie beds, and nursery.  All this sustainability designed and built on four acres has been our goal since Sierra and I rafted the rivers together many moons ago.

Of course, our kids love growing up in this environment and sharing with their friends this abundance of food, beauty, and peacefulness.  Our family enjoys and takes pride in sharing and teaching our community these restorative and regenerative ways.

Finishing the west coast farm summer of 2018, we leave the PNW in loving hands and look in the east to bring the family farm again to life, joining with community and watching our children grow in to young adults.

Vermont drew us to our new adventure of beauty, food, and community.  We continue to expand our knowledge of this regions sense of place and look forward to helping you create YOUR sacred space.

How can we help you begin?

We offer consultation services for those folks in need of guidance, teaching, and a big old helping hand getting started.  Or, we can put pen to paper, take pictures and measurements, and create a detailed landscape design which can be implemented by folks at the ready.  Either way, its our way of life around here, and its a free call to our home office on the farm.